Before and After Pictures

This young woman suffers from severe chronic eczema, which she has been treating with our Mission Falls Ionic Silver Solution 10ppm. As you can see, the results are staggering! Some of the pictures have been rotated to give you a side-by-side comparison.

Ionic Silver Topical and Oral Products may help with other skin problems and infections as well. Special dieting is not always needed, but it is always best to follow a sensible and healthy diet when dealing with a chronic condition.


The photos show a young 18 year old girl who has been suffering with eczema all her teenage life and the dual mixing of diet and the ionic silver treatment. These treatments came after she tried many different prescriptions by her doctor of various steroids type creams. The photos are a result of 4 weeks of diet change and silver treatment.

It is important that we make it very clear that eczema is a dietary disease and must be treated as such.

The human body lacks in the element silver, and thus we are prone to many diseases and defects as results of these nutrient deficiency. The beauty of the ionic silver is its ability to act as a nutrient supplement while treating any viral infection caused as a result of this deficiency.

The young girl in this picture began a vegetarian diet with the start of the silver treatment. Treatment started with removing all meat, shell fish, dairy, and oily foods. Thou you may not be able to remove all foods with sugar, it is important to reduce your refine sugar intake as possible.

First week (7 days), she took 4 oz – 2oz of Ionic Silver orally(half oz at a time for 4 times a day). Hold silver water under the tongue for about 2 minutes so it can be absorbed in the blood system. After 7 days, reduce silver water to only 1 oz per day. Once final results is achieved, reduce to 1-2 tablespoon a day.

Apply the silver spray from a spray bottle each day after showers in the morning and prior to bed, she used a spray to spray all infected areas external on her body. Using a surgical gloves, she applied a natural gel with oral silver spray in it to the heavy infected external areas to maintain moisture so the area will no itch or crack.

Continue to repeat treatment till results are achieved.