I had Covid and started taking Mission Falls Ionic Silver, 1-tbsp. 3-4 times a day. It did take me a good 4 weeks to start feeling better, but during that time, I feel after taking Ionic Silver it really sustained my health and helped very much in the fight against Covid! Bernadine K
This product is amazing! It heals wounds up immediately! Dawn
You wont find a better Silver Solution or price anywhere else. Great Stuff! Rob Roy
I truly believe in this product. A while back I started getting rashes that wouldn't heal. The doctors weren't sure if it was eczema, a fungus, or an allergic reaction. No creams or lotions worked and the rashes got larger, itchier and if I scratched would bleed. Someone suggested trying your ionic silver and low and behold, the rashes started to diminish and disappear. I couldn't believe it! Amazing! I now recommend it to everyone. How wonderful to have this natural product in my medical arsenal, I use it on cuts, burns, mouthwash and of course any rashes that flair up. Thank you for this product.
Sincerely, Brenda
Product does so much more than its marketed for, possibilities are endless. PPM is spot on! Daniel M
I was skeptical at first that the clear tasteless ionic silver could work, but I tried it when I had an eye infection. The results were amazing. When I rinsed my eye with ionic silver it was painless and easy to use. The result was incredible, by the next day the eye was heathy again.
We love this product...have used it for many years. Great Value! Great Product! Thank you!
Bonnie Walker
Thank you so much for helping Canadians easily acquire Ionic Silver Solutions for a fair price. I feel much better after just 3 weeks of daily use. I highly recommend Ionic Silver Solution to anyone who's been thinking about colloidal silver. Hope this testimonial helps.
Josh Verhaeghe
Mission Falls Ionic Silver is the silver my family - I choose to consume. It is a reasonable price and more importantly I feel confident in its safety being ionic colloidal. We use silver for everything form a sunburn to staph infection, topical and internal.
Sincerely, Karen
I used the silver on my cat for her chronic ear infections and now have just been diagnosed with Lyme disease so am using it myself for this. It has cured all other things I used it for so here goes--
Pat McDonnell
I use Ionic Silver Gel on cuts and burns. The gel cleanses, protects from infection and helps the injury heal very well and fast.
I am writing, very belatedly, to thank you for your generosity in supplying me with ISS. I used it hourly when I had a very bad case of mouth sores following my first treatment of chemo. The doctor had prescribed several types of pain relievers and liquids to heal the sores, but nothing worked. The ISS eased the pain almost immediately, and as long as I used it hourly the pain was a lot less and manageable.

Since this first batch of sores has healed I am using ISS four to five times daily in order to help improve my immune system. My lab tests show improvement each time I have one and the doctor is very pleased with my progress. Am looking forward to the completion of my treatments by mid-April.

Margaret Brunner